THE Upper Course

VI 72 7,348 75.9 151
V 72 7,002 74.1 145
IV 72 6,558 72.1 140
III 72 6,173 70.6 136
II 73 5,749 73.6 138
I 73 5,540 72.7 134

Hole 1

490 Yards | Par 5 | Par 4 Major Championships
A slight dogleg left that demands an accurate drive to navigate bunkers on both sides of the fairway. A strong drive will offer players the opportunity to reach the green in two. The green complex slopes severely from back to front and right to left. Ideal approaches will be left below the hole.


Hole 2

463 Yards | Par 4
Nestled into the base of Baltusrol Mountain, this hole requires a tee shot down the right side of the fairway, which features a dramatic slope from right to left. Drives played to the left side of the fairway will struggle to stay on the short grass. Approaches are played into a large green with a variety of unique hole locations. The location of the flag will dictate the approach.


Hole 3

225 Yards | Par 3
A long par 3 with a challenging green that slopes to the left off Baltusrol Mountain. An up-and-down for par after a miss to the right is unlikely. A proper tee shot will land in the middle or right side of the green and funnel toward the hole.


Hole 4

445 Yards | Par 4
A long and slightly uphill par 4 with thick rough to the left and a well-placed fairway bunker to the right. The approach from an uneven lie is played to an elevated green that is guarded by deep bunkers on both sides. A two-putt for par is a victory on this difficult and sloping green.


Hole 5

452 Yards | Par 4
With stunning views of the New York City skyline, this hole is played downhill with a dogleg to the right. A well-placed tee shot is required to avoid a wooded area to the right and a large American Elm tree just left of the fairway. Accurate drives leave players with a medium length approach into a green protected by bunkers short and left.


Hole 6

443 Yards | Par 4
A long, straight, and narrow par 4. Accuracy is critical off the tee, as trees loom on both sides of the fairway. The most severely sloped green on the Upper Course awaits. A well-played approach will land short or left of the hole.


Hole 7

252 Yards | Par 3
The green on this long, downhill par 3 is well protected by bunkers in front and to the sides. A change in elevation must be accounted for off the tee. The putting surface is large, and will require two good putts to escape with par.


Hole 8

550 Yards | Par 5
A slight dogleg to the right with fairway bunkers on both sides. Drives that clear a large mound in the fairway will be rewarded with an additional 20-30 yards of roll. Precision is paramount on the second shot, as a large fairway bunker awaits to the left. An accurate shot to the right side of the fairway offers the optimal angle into the green. The Eighth green is the first on the Upper Course to slope from left to right.


Hole 9

356 Yards | Par 4
A short par 4 that requires strategy off the tee. A large pond is positioned in the middle of the fairway but is easily cleared with a good drive. Players who take on the narrow fairway and bunkers to the left will be rewarded with a short approach into the green, while a conservative drive will be played into a wide fairway short of the bunkers. The approach is played into a relatively flat green. This is your best opportunity birdie on the front side.


Hole 10

166 Yards | Par 3
This medium-length par 3 demands extreme accuracy to avoid deep and penal bunkers to the left of the green. A miss long or right leaves the player with a treacherous chip onto the severely sloping putting surface. Three is a fantastic score on this challenging hole.


Hole 11

618 Yards | Par 5
A demanding par 5 that requires length and accuracy. Players must find the fairway off the tee for a chance to clear a large original Tillinghast bunker on their second shot. Bunkers and a false front protect the green. Precise yardage is necessary for a safe landing near the hole.


Hole 12

359 Yards | Par 4
The most accurate drive of the round is required on this short and narrow par 4. Tee shots should land on the left side of the fairway, as a ridge will propel balls forward and to the right. The approach is played into a slightly elevated green with a variety of unique hole locations. Deep bunkers surround the green.


Hole 13

425 Yards | Par 4
Danger is everywhere off the tee, with a pond and fairway bunker on the right and a creek that runs parallel to the left edge of the fairway. The ideal drive will land on the right side of the fairway, creating a great angle into a well-bunkered green. The approach should be played to the center of the green to avoid run-offs short right and off the back.


Hole 14

400 Yards | Par 4
A picturesque par 4 played directly into Baltusrol Mountain. Tee shots must navigate staggered bunkers to the left and right of the fairway, leaving players with an uphill approach to a green that slopes sharply from back to front.


Hole 15

173 Yards | Par 3
The tee shot plays downhill to a large, two-tiered green. The green complex is heavily guarded by bunkers short, long and left, but a miss right may be even more costly, as players are left with an extremely difficult second shot from well below the putting surface.


Hole 16

447 Yards | Par 4
The finishing stretch begins with a difficult par 4 as players make their way back to the Clubhouse. A downhill tee shot must navigate a bunker complex in the landing zone to the left of the fairway. The approach must carry a severe false front to remain on the putting surface. The green slopes dramatically from left to right.


Hole 17

595 Yards | Par 5
A long par 5 that demands three great shots to reach the green in regulation. Bunkers are staggered on both sides of the fairway, but an accurate drive and second shot will leave players with approximately 100 yards into a challenging green. Approaches should be left beneath the hole for an uphill look at birdie.


Hole 18

489 Yards | Par 4
Length and accuracy are required on this demanding finishing hole. Tee shots should be played up the left side of the fairway, as drives to the middle and right side of the fairway risk running off into thick rough or a strategically placed bunker. The approach is long and challenging and must navigate greenside bunkers on both sides of the green.