Guest Information

If you are the guest of a member, we are delighted to welcome you to Baltusrol and hope you enjoy your visit. The Club works hard to preserve its rich traditions; in order to make your visit as pleasurable as possible, please note a few important guidelines for your visit to Baltusrol.

Check-In Policy

Upon arrival, you are requested to check in at the Play Deck located by the putting green. Please identify yourself and advise a member of our Play Deck staff who your member host is for the day. We will assist you with your golf clubs and direct you to the locker room.

Dress Code

Baltusrol maintains strict policies on Dress Code. Please click on the link to the left for our complete Dress Code requirements. 

We ask that guests use the appropriate locker room for changing their attire. Changing footwear in the parking lot is forbidden.

Electronic Devices

Cell phones and all electronic devices, including smart phones and iPads/iPods, are only permitted in certain locations at the Club. You may use such devices within the confines of your vehicle or in designated rooms in the Clubhouse, and never on the golf courses. Please ask one of our employees for assistance in finding these rooms. Please note that such devices may not be displayed on your person while you're visiting the Club.

Pace of Play

The Golf Committee has established a pace of play policy of 4 hours or less for a foursome. It is expected that all players will play "hit when ready" golf to maintain the pace guidelines. It is a group's responsibility to keep up with the group in front of them. Please choose the appropriate tees from which to play - matched to your skill level - in order to meet the pace of play guidelines. In addition, clocks are available on the courses for groups to check their pace.

Course Etiquette

One of Baltusrol's most important traditions is maintaining the golf courses to championship caliber conditions. Please replace divots, repair ball marks on the greens, rake bunkers, and knock the sand off your shoes when exiting a bunker. On days when practice at the Range is from the mats only, please do not go forward to hit off the grass; our TurfHound mats are equipped with special tee inserts for your driver.


Baltusrol is primarily a walking course and we urge the use of caddies. Baltusrol maintains a corps of caddies who know the courses well. The caddie fee has been set at $70 per bag plus a gratuity if warranted by performance. Golf bags should be of the kick-stand variety and weigh under 25 lbs.


Baltusrol has a no-tipping policy for all employees (excluding caddies, who are not Club employees).


Baltusrol has a no-smoking policy throughout the entire Clubhouse.

Other important information is available on this part of the website related to the golf courses and Baltusrol’s rich history in major championship golf. We invite you to surf the site in advance of your visit to Baltusrol.

- The Board of Governors